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If you're tired of waxing, plucking, or shaving, electrolysis is the choice for you. Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal that's been

used for over a century.

We offer 3 different treatment options:

An affordable option for permanent hair removal

• GALVANIC (direct current) electrolysis: In this process, the hair is destroyed by

  chemical action.

• THERMOLYSIS (high frequency) electrolysis: In this process, the hair root is destroyed

  by heat production.

• BLEND electrolysis: This process combines the above two modalities so that the hair

  root is destroyed by both heat and chemical action at the same time.

When compared to the cost of years of temporary hair removal or other beauty care services, electrolysis is an affordable option for improving your physical appearance and self-confidence. When compared to the expense of a lifetime of shaving, depilatories, or laser treatments, the permanence of electrolysis makes it a wise investment in yourself.

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The benefits of electrolysis


Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent removal of unwanted hair. It is effective for all skin and hair types, colors and areas of the body.

Our electrologists are state licensed with over 20 years of experience.


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Is electrolysis permanent?

Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent in over a century of use, and is approved by the FDA. Its permanency has been well recognized by knowledgeable physicians and is also testified to by hundreds of scientific articles.

Is electrolysis safe?

Modern, well-trained electrologists utilize the most up-to-date, effective methods of sterilization, disinfection and antisepsis, and follow guidelines set up by a major electrolysis organization in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Don't hesitate to ask your electrologist about the scientific methods he / she uses to guarantee your safety.

Is electrolysis painful?

Whether there is any discomfort during electrolysis depends on a number of factors, including a patient's tolerance, machine settings, modality used, as well as other factors. During most treatments a definite sensation should be noticed. It has been variously described as a "slight heat," "tingling" or "stinging" sensation. Your electrologist is trained to work within the comfort tolerance of his / her patients. Don't hesitate to let him / her know what you are feeling.

Are there any side effects caused by electrolysis?

Electrolysis, like many minor procedures in medicine, does have a short healing phase. During this time, there may be some transient redness or swelling and occasionally some pinpoint scabbing.

Is electrolysis expensive?

Considering the intense physical effort required of the electrologist, as well as the equipment used, office space required, insurance, etc., the fees charged by electrologists are thought, by most, to be reasonable. When compared to the prices of other health and beauty-care services and the cost of dealing with excessive hair using temporary means, electrolysis, in most cases, is very affordable. Remember, the problem is being dealt with permanently and not just on a short-term basis.

How do I select an electrologist?

There are many factors that might influence your choice of an electrologist. Many people ask their physician for a referral. Others rely on the recommendations of a friend. Many consult the telephone directory under "Electrolysis" or "Permanent Hair Removal" to find the electrologists in their area. To be assured of quality service, determine if your electrologist is licensed (where required by law), nationally certified, a member of state and / or national professional associations and a participant in continuing education. In the final analysis, decide if you feel comfortable and confident with the electrologist you have chosen since electrolysis requires a series of treatments over a period of time.

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